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  • Get Maximum Value From Your Collision Coverage

    Being knowledgeable about the full value of collision coverage to which you are entitled can help ensure that you receive this amount. A Tampa personal injury attorney can warn you about tactics that your insurance company may employ in order to avoid paying out the full amount of your claim. Read on to learn three common strategies insurance companies use.


  • 11 Questions an Attorney May Ask Before Accepting Your Personal Injury Case

    Not all attorneys are the same, and not all can offer equal representation in a civil lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer will question you about the details of your case before they agree to represent you. The following 11 questions can prepare you for your first meeting with an attorney. Be sure to respond to their questions truthfully.

  • Testifying About Your Physical Limitations

    At your disability hearing, it is extremely important that you describe your physical limitations during an average work day in a clear and concise manner. If you want the judge to find in your favor, make sure you answer all questions from the judge thoroughly and with a lot of description. Your Tampa Social Security disability lawyer can help guide you as well.


  • When Insurers Play Games: Your Tampa Personal Injury Law Office Speaks Out

    Tampa personal injury law office In the paragraphs below, a Tampa personal injury law office attorney exposes a major adjuster ploy: the unjust claim denial.

    Playing on the Client’s Faith
    Too many claimants will give an insurer credit for knowing more than they do and take the denial of their claim without resistance or appeal. By referring the denial letter to your Tampa personal injury lawyer, the denial may be exposed for the dismissal tactic that it is.

    The denial letter is the primary means of notifying the claimant of this decision, and its issuance rests on the adjuster’s belief that the claim is unfounded. Your Tampa personal injury law office, upon review of the letter, can pinpoint the faults that prove that the denial is unjust.

    A Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer Shows Where the Faults Lie
    Once subjected to scrutiny by a skilled Tampa personal injury law office attorney, the flaws in the letter soon become obvious:

    • Nothing in the policy’s provisions supports the denial;
    • References in the letter do not appear in the policy;
    • No supporting documentation for the denial is sent to the policy holder;
    • Evidence supporting the denial is either absent from the letter or is inadequate;
    • Provisions unrelated to the claim are cited as basis for the denial;
    • The insurer demands further information after denying the claim in order to continue to advance its cause or to subsequently use to the client’s disadvantage;
    • The denial is issued without consultation or communication with the policy holder or his or her counsel, and needless form letters have been added to the file; and
    • The insurer endeavors, while denying the claim, to reject the policy and refuse coverage under the pretexts of errors in the application.

    Be Safe
    Your Tampa personal injury law office is equipped to deal with these tricks. Call the attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto at 1 (800) 900-7734 for help now.