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  • Guidelines to Prevent Surveillance Video and Social Media from Damaging Your Case

    Social media is a powerful tool to spread a message, and your case is no exception. Your personal injury attorney will have to anticipate the opposing attorney manipulating information on social media to discredit your injury claim. If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to safeguard your case from social media and online video.

  • FAQ: Can I Still Work and Receive Benefits?

    Lakeland Social Security disability attorneysSome disability claimants want to know if they can work part-time and still qualify for disability. The answer is that it is possible, but there are certain restrictions you should be aware of which your Hardee County Social Security disability lawyer can explain.

    You should try to keep your income below what the Social Security Administration calls the “trial work period services” amount. This threshold is adjusted every year; in 2010 it was $720 per month. When calculating your income to see if you fall under the threshold, count your gross income, not your take-home pay. Your gross income will be averaged over the numbers of months you have worked.

    If you need more income than the trial work period threshold, you may want to work at less than the “substantial gainful activity” level (which is a higher threshold). However, the rules for this are more complicated as your Hardee County Social Security disability attorney will explain.

    Income is averaged when determining your income level. If you are making out-of-pocket payments to treat your disabling impairment, you get to subtract it from your income, as well as sick pay and vacation pay. You may be able to deduct some other work-related expenses according to your Hardee County Social Security disability lawyer. However, some things that you might assume are deductible, such as health insurance, are not. For this reason, it can be tricky to use deductions to try to bring your income below the substantial gainful activity because you are not sure what will be counted.

    To find out more about how you can work and still qualify for disability, talk to a Hardee County Social Security disability lawyer. Call the attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto at 1-800-900-7734.

  • 15 Tips for Giving a Good Deposition

    To optimize your performance at your deposition, you must come thoroughly prepared to answer any question and never lose your cool. If you become emotional or flustered, you are likely to make mistakes. Be sure to watch this informative video to find out about 15 additional tips on how you can give a good deposition.

  • Physician FAQ

    Winterhaven disability lawyerOne of the most important pieces of evidence that your Highlands County Social Security disability attorney will discuss with you is Social Security forms that your doctor submits to the court. Like many claimants, physicians may have a number of questions for a Highlands County Social Security disability lawyer. Here are some of the most common questions.

    Functional capacity forms seem to ask an inordinate amount of questions. Do I really have to complete all of this information?

    Yes. The Social Security Administrates mandates that the person who submits functional capacity forms complete detailed information related to the claimant’s ability to perform activities that he or she would likely be required to perform at work. This information is particularly pertinent when a hearing will be conducted in front of an administrative law judge. Some questions may not relate to a person’s claim, but relevant information can make the difference between a claimant being approved for benefits or not being approved for these benefits.

    How can I answer a question as “it depends.”

    Even if you only have space to include “yes” or “no” in the blank, a Highlands County Social Security disability attorney can inform you that it is fine to include additional information in the margins. Usually, the more information that the SSA has about a particular claimant’s level of impairment, the better. If you include additional information in the margins, be sure that you are clear on what you are saying and which question you are answering. Social Security regulations state that the administrative law judge can give more weight to a doctor’s opinion when the doctor provides a more thorough explanation.

    My personal opinion is that most people should be able to perform some type of work. Do I consider this when providing answers on the forms about my patient?

    If you believe that a person is only capable of working part-time, it is fine for you to express this opinion. Additionally, if you believe that a claimant needs a special accommodation in order to work, it is also fine for you to say this.

    If you have questions for a Highlands County Social Security disability attorney, contact Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto 1 (800) 900-7734.