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  • Was Your Previous Application Unsuccessful? Talk to a Polk County Social Security Disability Lawyer

    Your previous denial of benefits is relevant to your case. Your Polk County Social Security disability lawyer can craft a winning case by learning about the reasons behind those denials, and, if he can reopen past applications, you will receive additional benefits. So be sure to inform your attorney of past denials, and watch this video to find out what to do if your claims were previously denied.

  • Winterhaven Social Security Lawyers Explain Back Pain Results

    Winterhaven Social Security lawyers Winterhaven Social Security lawyers have assisted individuals who seek disability benefits due to back injuries, usually more often than any other type of impairment. Many claimants experience lower back pain.

    Back Injury Difficulties

    Winterhaven Social Security lawyers can explain that claimants who suffer from back pain may also suffer additional symptoms. For example, they may experience muscle spasms and limited ability to stand, sit, lift or bend.

    Difficulties with These Claims

    The major obstacle that Winterhaven Social Security lawyers experience is that there is often limited objective medical evidence that shows a serious abnormality. Physicians agree that x-rays and other types of medical imaging tests do not correlate with the symptoms that patients with back pain usually have. Winterhaven Social Security attorneys can explain that some patients who have severe degeneration of their bones and joints may have no symptoms or only mild symptoms. However, patients with mild abnormalities may experience severe pain. In the Listing of Impairments, the Social Security Administration recognizes that there is a lack of correlations between medical imaging and the function of a joint. Despite this contention, administrative law judges continue to deny claims because the x-ray findings do not support a claimant’s subjective complaint of pain. Similarly, administrative law judges also deny claims due to claimants not experiencing significant limitation in motions in their lower back.

    Help from Winterhaven Social Security Attorneys

    If you would like to know more about how a disability lawyer can help you with a back pain claim, contact the attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto by calling (800) 900-SSDI.

  • Winterhaven Social Security Lawyers Can Improve Your Chances of Qualifying for Benefits

    If you were previously denied Social Security disability benefits, do not be disheartened. Most cases are turned down at first, but talk to your Winterhaven Social Security lawyers for ideas on how to improve your odds for an approval. They will review where you are in the process. This informative clip offers further tips.

  • How Your Hardee County Social Security Disability Lawyer May Prove Disability

    Hardee County Social Security disability lawyerThe rules for determining disability status are complicated and counter-intuitive. You might believe that if you simply have a medical condition that forced you to quit your previous job, you will qualify for disability, but a Hardee County Social Security disability lawyer will tell you that you have to prove more than that in order to qualify. Disability status has nothing to do with whether you are actually able to get a job.

    The Technical Meaning of “Disability”

    Disability status is based entirely on the hypothetical question of whether you would be physically able to perform certain jobs. It doesn’t matter whether you are completely unqualified or unfit to do a job; the only question that matters is whether you would be able to. This means that you and your Hardee County Social Security disability attorney will have to argue that you are unable to perform jobs that you would never be hired for anyway.

    If you have a severely debilitating medical condition, it is possible to qualify for disability solely on the basis of your condition and its effects. However, it is very difficult to be found disabled this way. More likely, you will have to prove that you are incapable of performing any of the previous jobs you have held in the last 15 years and that there are no jobs you could perform given your age, education level and prior work experience.

    Fulfilling both these conditions may sound strange and difficult. Even if your previous employer would not hire you again or no longer exists, you still have to prove that you cannot physically perform that job anymore. Your attorney also has to prove that you cannot perform other jobs that are available in your area.

    Getting Legal Help

    To find out more about the process of proving a Social Security disability claim, it may help to speak to a Hardee County Social Security disability lawyer at Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto, P.A. Call 800-900-SSDI.