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  • How to Testify About Pain

    Lakeland Social Security AttorneysWhen witnesses testify about a plaintiff’s impairment and pain, they should follow the advice of your Lakeland Social Security attorneys.

    Our Lakeland Social Security lawyer recommends that witnesses give specific details about how a disability affects the person’s daily life. For example, instead of just saying that a person is in pain, they can elaborate on the applicant’s limitations. They can talk about the person’s difficulty sleeping, how much pain medication they take daily and how their social and daily activities have been hindered. They should include time frames. For example, instead of saying that the person cannot sleep through the night, say that the person sleeps two hours and then the pain wakes them up so they take a prescription to go back to sleep. Include the type of medication and the number of milligrams in the prescription. Your Lakeland Social Security lawyer will discuss how these specifics apply in your case.

    Your Lakeland Social Security Attorneys Provides Sample Testimony from a Coworker

    A coworker might want to help the plaintiff’s case by testifying. They should also meet with your Lakeland Social Security attorneys to discuss their testimony prior to taking the stand. Instead of saying that the person was disabled at work, they will need to give time frames and examples of how their work was affected by the accident. They should include how long they worked with the claimant and any incidents they witnessed at work. The coworker can review their experiences with the Lakeland Social Security lawyer before the hearing.

    Your Lakeland Social Security Attorneys Explain a Spouse’s Testimony

    A stay-at-home mom who is seeking disability may no longer be able to perform her normal tasks. A witness can detail her limitations and compare what she did before the accident with the challenges she faces since the incident. Talk to our Lakeland Social Security attorneys to clarify details about testifying.

    The Lakeland Social Security attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto look forward to working with you and your witnesses to prepare solid testimony in your case. You can reach them at 1(800) 900-7734 to schedule an appointment.

  • Sebring Social Security Disability Attorney Discusses the Hearing

    Sebring Social Security Disability AttorneyThe Administrative Law Judge

    As a Sebring Social Security disability attorney will tell you, a Social Security disability is nowhere near as formal as a court hearing. You will appear before an administrative law judge; however, the hearing is not adversarial. In other words, you are not there to be found guilty of anything.

    Instead, the hearing is held to find out if you are disabled and eligible for benefits. The SSA says that it doesn’t take ‘sides’ in disability cases. The SSA sees its responsibility as giving benefits to people with disabilities and denying benefits to people who are not disabled.

    According to a Sebring Social Security disability lawyer, the ALJ is a neutral party who looks at the facts. Around 60 percent of claimants who have hearings are granted disability benefits. While the role of the ALJ is to be impartial, ALJs are human, so there will be differences among ALJs. Some might be hard to convince, while others will be very generous, says a Sebring Social Security disability attorney.

    Evidence at the Hearing

    Your lawyer will collect evidence to prepare for your hearing with an ALJ. Evidence will include documentary evidence such as medical opinions and medical records. In addition, your Sebring Social Security disability attorney will question, or examine, witnesses and present witnesses’ testimony. The most important thing that your Sebring Social Security disability attorney will do is to present your disability case in the best possible light to demonstrate that you are disabled and should qualify for benefits.

    Your Sebring Social Security disability lawyer should not treat the ALJ as an adversary, or enemy, even when making arguments against the ALJ’s opinion. A good judge will let your attorney know if he or she has a problem with some aspect of the case. This is not to create an argument, instead, it gives your lawyer the chance to defend your case.

    Your Sebring Social Security disability attorney is allowed to present evidence that would not be considered admissible in a court. In addition, there are usually no strict deadlines for submitting evidence, although this is changing.
    If your Sebring Social Security disability lawyer is having trouble getting a piece of evidence, the ALJ might be able to wait until after the hearing to receive the evidence or issue a subpoena for it.

    Your Appearance at the Hearing

    You can appear before the ALJ by video conference or in person. If you don’t want to appear by video, you don’t have to.

    If you have questions about Social Security disability and would like to speak with a Sebring Social Security disability attorney, please call the attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, at 1 (800) 900-7734.

  • Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Testifying at Your Hearing

    If you are like many people, you might feel flustered or confused if you are stressed. A Social Security disability hearing is emotional for most people, and they might not know how to prepare. Our Winterhaven Social Security disability lawyer lists eight suggestions to help claimants when they testify.