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  • Proving You Can’t Do a Sedentary Job

    If currently under the age of fifty, you will have to prove you are not able to do most sedentary jobs in order to gain disability benefits. Although this may be a difficult test to meet, there is no need to be absolutely bed-ridden to succeed. Your Lakeland Social Security attorney can best help you understand how to gain benefits.

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  • What Happens at a Social Security Disability Hearing

    The following clip can help provide you with information about the Social Security disability hearing process and what you can expect. This hearing is very important to your Social Security disability case as it provides you with an opportunity to better communicate information about your impairment and the mental and physical limitations that you have. To learn more, you can speak with your Winterhaven Social Security attorneys.

  • A Tampa Social Security Disability Attorney Looks At Restricted Mobility On The Job

    man in wheelchairIn this blog, a Tampa Social Security disability lawyer explains the effect of limited mobility on the kinds of jobs you might be able to perform.

    Rest Requirements, Putting Up Feet

    While most employment situations allow breaks, few, if any, will allow an employee to completely recline at any point in the business day. If it is necessary for the employee to have his or her feet in a raised position beyond the usual allotted breaks in the workday, the pool of available positions will be reduced.

    Sitting, Standing And Walking

    During an eight-hour workday, a desk-based job will require the employee to remain seated for about six hours. An employee who is unable to sit for extended periods or who must get up frequently to stand or walk for more than normal breaks allow is unlikely to be able to perform adequately in this type of work. Given that this need is not unusual for individuals experiencing back injuries or pain, this could be considered a type of disability, as it reduces the time the employee is actually working. The number of available unskilled positions of this type will be considerably reduced for an individual in this situation.

    Use Of Hands And Fingers

    Practically any job in the market will require an employee to use his or her fingers and hands in some fashion, whether in reaching, grasping, working with machinery or parts, handling small items, or holding, twisting and turning things. Unskilled work requiring finely controlled handling of tiny parts will present great difficulties to someone who has limited use or feeling in one or both hands.

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  • A Polk County Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Tell You Your Options If the Judge Denies Your Claim

    If your appeal has been denied before an administrative law hearing, your Polk County Social Security disability lawyer can discuss your options with you. You may decide to pursue a completely new application for benefits. Conversely, you may decide that being approved for benefits is a long shot. Your lawyer may also discuss the possibility of appealing the decision. Read on for more information.