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  • Car Accident: Who’s Responsible?

    There are eight parties who may be responsible for your auto accident. Determining who the responsible party is will be important to assigning liability and resolving your personal injury claim. Prepare yourself to speak with your Sebring personal injury lawyer by reviewing the information below.

    Sebring personal injury lawyer

  • Physical Limitations and Your SSD Claim

     Lakeland disability attorneyOur Lakeland disability attorney regularly speaks with applicants who suffer from postural difficulties because of the challenges they face with sitting, bending, standing and walking. If you are physically limited in one of these ways and cannot perform these actions without pain, you could be eligible for Social Security benefits. Postural limitations often mean that you cannot hold down a sedentary job, which could increase the likelihood that you would qualify for benefits. Our Lakeland Social Security lawyer can provide you with further information on the details and how they apply to you.

    Social Security Specifications When Sitting at Work

    The SSA has established specific guidelines for someone who has a sedentary job. Their rulings state that the person should be able to sit for six hours during an eight-hour shift. In some cases, they will assess the person’s ability to alternate between sitting and standing, which might mean they still qualify for sedentary work. However, the SSA recognizes that many types of unskilled labor do not offer the worker the flexibility to adjust their posture to compensate for physical challenges. Discuss how these laws might affect your case with our Lakeland disability attorney.

    Related SSA Rulings

    The SSA will look at each situation on a case-by-case basis. They will consider both the employee’s abilities and the flexibility of the job. In some cases, the applicant might look at other vocational options in order to transition to a different type of job with increased options. The administrative law judge will likely seek the outside opinion of a vocational expert in order to further determine the applicant’s limitations and the possibility for flexibility at work. The expert might claim that you could look for work that offers the option of switching between sitting and standing. In these cases, you will need the services of a zealous Lakeland disability attorney who can cross-examine the expert and find problems with the supposed solution.

    Questions About Cases

    If you have questions about what might affect your SSD claim, contact our Lakeland Social Security lawyer. You can reach the attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto at (800) 900-7734 for help with your case.

  • The Major Types of Social Security Benefits

    If you are disabled, you might be eligible for one of the 5 major types of Social Security disability benefits. Your Winterhaven disability attorney will explain the eligibility requirement for each benefits, which involves your income, marital status, and the date you became disabled.

    Winterhaven disability attorney

  • Keeping a Daily Diary and Signing Important Forms in a Social Security Disability Case


    Lakeland Social Security lawyers At a first meeting, Lakeland Social Security lawyers will discuss a the importance of keeping a daily diary and ensuring that certain forms are signed.

    Lakeland Social Security Attorneys Will Explain the Possible Benefits of a Daily Diary

    At the outset of the case, there will be a meeting with your attorney. The subject of a daily diary will be broached. The point of this is that it can provide sound methods to prepare for testifying at a hearing.  Factors such as symptoms experienced on a daily basis and episodic problems will be discussed. Keeping track of good and bad days can be accomplished in numerous ways with a diary or a calendar.

    Forms Must Be Signed

    When hiring an attorney, it is required that a Social Security Administration form known as an Appointment of Representative be signed. Other forms will be signed as well, such as the Request for Hearing, and consent forms for medical information and about employment issues.

    Contract Experienced Lakeland Social Security Attorneys

    The point of the first meeting and interview is to give the attorney a baseline of the case. Once it has concluded, the lawyer can take steps to gather all the official records. Vocational and medical reports will be needed, witnesses must be contacted, and documents will need to be reviewed.

    If you have questions about the initial interview with an attorney for a Social Security disability case, Lakeland Social Security lawyers can help. Call the attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto at (800) 900-7734 today.