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  • Factors That Affect an Adjuster Evaluation

    Social Security Disability Attorney in Tampa

    There are certain special factors that may delay processing of your case. A Sebring personal injury attorney describes some of these.

    Your Sebring personal injury attorney will advise you that if you allow too much time to elapse between the accident and your filing of an injury report, your claim will lack credibility. If you waited several days before going to a medical facility after having said that you were unhurt at the scene or if your medical report shows no reference to the incident, you must provide a valid explanation.

    Medical Reports

    Your Sebring personal injury attorney will expect the reports submitted by the emergency room, trauma center or hospital personnel who first saw you to reflect that your injuries were sustained in the accident. If another or prior cause is shown or nothing is entered at all, your claim will not be looked on favorably by the adjuster.

    Previous Claims
    Your Sebring personal injury lawyer will warn you that no adjuster will expedite a claim from someone who has a history of repeated injury claims. Insurance adjusters watch for such individuals (the “professional claimant”).

    Your Sebring personal injury lawyer may also caution you that if the adjuster suspects that you habitually file dubious claims, you may be placed under surveillance by an anti-fraud investigator (Special Investigation Unit). Your best means of avoiding this is to be sure that your medical reports are in order and to clearly establish that any prior injuries were to areas other than the parts of your body affected by the present accident claim.

    If You Have Been Injured
    Be sure that you have the support of a Sebring personal injury attorney to see that your claim is processed properly. Call the attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto at 1(800) 900-7734 today.

  • What to Expect at Your Social Security Disability hearing

    Speaking at your disability hearing may seem nerve-wracking and intimidating. If you are prepared, you can speak confidently and ensure that you receive the outcome you deserve. View the following slides to learn what to anticipate at your Social Security disability hearing.

  • Three Reasons Giving a Statement to the Carrier Can Hurt You

    Polk County Social Security disability lawyerSome personal injury claimants make the well-intentioned mistake of giving a statement to the insurance company prior to retaining a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney. They may think it is necessary to the processing or handling their claim or doing so will help their claim. But in some cases, giving such a statement can be prejudicial to your claim and your Tampa Personal Injury Law Firm will have to do undo the damage.

    Here are some things your Tampa Personal Injury Attorney can do to deal with such statements:

    • Review the accuracy of your statement with you as soon as he or she finds out about it. If the statement was transcribed from a conversation with you, tell your Tampa Personal Injury Attorney what parts are accurate and what parts are not. Any inaccuracies will be saved for later. If the statement was paraphrased by the adjuster, your Tampa Personal Injury Attorney should note where the wording of the statement has been changed from what you said.
    • Note any problems with the statement. These might include:

    o The statement was not transcribed word for word but simply paraphrased by the adjuster.
    o You were not informed that the statement could be used against you and that you had the right to have a lawyer present.
    o The statement was obtained before you had fully documented your injuries from the incident.
    o The statement was not taken under oath.
    o You and your Tampa Personal Injury Law Firm did not have a chance to get similar statements from the defendant.

    Get the representation you need for your personal injury claim from a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney. Call the attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto at 1(800) 900-7734.