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  • Photographs After an Accident

    Sebring Personal Injury Lawyer car accidentAfter an injurous accident, you will likely want to seek professional counsel from a Sebring personal injury lawyer, such as Kaylor Kaylor and Leto. They will provide you with specific ways on how to prove your case and back up your claim. One of the most important things you can do if you plan to file a civil lawsuit is to take pictures of the injuries you suffered after an accident.

    Reasons for Photographs

    With the accessibility of cell phones and electronic devices, photographs are almost expected as an integral part of a personal injury lawsuit. In some cases, the injury might be in a physical location that would normally be covered by clothing for the purposes of modesty. In other cases, the injury might heal and will not seem serious after a certain amount of time has elapsed. As such, photographs can document the severity of your injuries. You can take these pictures yourself or have a family member take them. For the court’s purposes, the photos do not need to be of a professional quality.

    Documenting the Healing Process

    Another important consideration is to photograph the healing process. For example, you might take a picture of stitches you received after a serious skin injury and then take another photograph once the stitches are removed. These photos demonstrate the time frame for healing. You doctor might also opt to take pictures either of your surgery or of the healing process. A plastic surgeon will want to keep a record of the procedures used and the physical changes. Some surgeons will take photographs during an operation.

    Uses for Photographs After an Accident

    Pictures of injuries taken right after an accident show broken bones, cuts, abrasions, bruises or other serious injuries and can strongly communicate the pain you have suffered. In addition, the pictures of the treatment you underwent, and the equipment used during your therapy can serve as a valuable visual aid with an insurance adjuster or in court. The impact of photographs can provide a graphic example of some injuries, such as knee injuries or facial scarring.

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  • Lakeland Disability Attorney Explains How to Keep a Journal

    The administrative law judge at a Social Security disability hearing will ask you about your medical condition, including any pain or other symptoms. We recommend that you document the medical problems that you face on a daily basis in order to help you remember what happened. This is especially helpful if your hearing is delayed. We recommend watching the following video and going over its tips with our Lakeland disability attorney.

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  • Proving You Can’t Do a Sedentary Job

    If currently under the age of fifty, you will have to prove you are not able to do most sedentary jobs in order to gain disability benefits. Although this may be a difficult test to meet, there is no need to be absolutely bed-ridden to succeed. Your Lakeland Social Security attorney can best help you understand how to gain benefits.

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    For more information on Social Security benefits, call a Lakeland Social Security attorney from Kaylor, Kaylor, and Leto, PA at (800) 900-7734.

  • What Happens at a Social Security Disability Hearing

    The following clip can help provide you with information about the Social Security disability hearing process and what you can expect. This hearing is very important to your Social Security disability case as it provides you with an opportunity to better communicate information about your impairment and the mental and physical limitations that you have. To learn more, you can speak with your Winterhaven Social Security attorneys.