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  • Our Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Common Auto Accident Injuries

    A car accident, albeit a minor one, can cause a wide spectrum of injuries that range from mild to severe. Learn about the most common auto accident injuries from the following video.

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  • Our Tampa Florida Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Deposition Information

    Gavel and Stethoscope on white background. Tampa Florida Personal Injury Attorney A Tampa Florida personal injury attorney can explain the critical role that depositions play in personal injury cases. It is highly possible that the plaintiff and the defendant may be deposed before trial. Other witnesses may also be deposed.

    About Depositions

    At a deposition, a Tampa Florida personal injury attorney for the plaintiff or the defendant will ask the person being deposed, the deponent, to answer questions about the case. He or she will be informed of the time and place before the deposition. The individual’s answers will be recorded by a court reporter, as well as possibly being audio or video recorded. These answers are given under oath. Typically, the lawyer for the defendant and the lawyer for the plaintiff are both at the deposition. Depositions allow for a broad array of questions. The questions need only relate to information that is relevant or that may lead to the discovery of relevant information.

    Purpose of Depositions

    Both sides can benefit from depositions. A deposition represents the initial contact between the defendant’s lawyer and the plaintiff. Here, the defendant’s lawyer can assess how the plaintiff will appear in front of a jury. The lawyer deposing the individual will assess his or her appearance, mannerisms and overall credibility. Depositions help attorneys prepare for trial. A deposition can help determine the witness’ memory and the facts that he or she is aware of. Depositions can also help reveal information that is favorable or detrimental to the other side. Depositions also can help promote settlement between the parties. Additionally, they can be used to set the stage for later impeachment of the witness if answers are not consistent between the deposition and live testimony at trial.

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  • How Your Winter Haven Disability Lawyer Can Help

    Winter Haven Disability lawyer - stethoscope and medical fileThere are numerous things your Winter Haven disability lawyer can do to assist you in your claim. The more complete and relevant your application is, the better your chances are of being approved for disability benefits.

    Obtaining Evidence for Your Claim

    Part of the job of the examiners hired by the Social Security Administration is to obtain all records relevant to your claim. However, they are bogged down with a large number of cases at any given time and often don’t have the time to devote to your case. The more evidence you gather on your own, then, the more complete your application will be. Your Winter Haven disability lawyer can assist you with this by gathering together your school, work medical, and other relevant documents. Complete medical documentation of your condition, in particular, will be important to your case.

    Obtaining Written Opinions from Doctors

    Your Winter Haven disability lawyers can assist in your getting written opinions from your doctors. They can prepare a list of questions for your doctors to answer that are specific to your case. Keep in mind that the SSA is very much influenced by medical opinions about a patient’s diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, as well as by the limitations that the condition causes.

    Preparing Your Application

    Finally, your attorney can help you with the actual preparation of the SSD application. The application needs to be complete, and you can expect that it will cover a wide range of information, including evidence of your condition and the physical and medical limitations it imposes, along with your work history. Keep in mind that an incomplete application can cause a denial of your claim, even if your condition should actually deem you eligible for disability benefits.

    Working with Your Winter Haven Disability Lawyer

    Most individuals who apply for disability benefits the first time find the process difficult. Moreover, many are denied initially. Many of those who are denied may have benefited from assistance with their application. Therefore, you may well find it in your best interests to work with a Winter Haven disability lawyer when preparing your application. Call Kaylor, Kaylor, and Leto, PA today to arrange a consultation at (800) 900-7734.

  • Our Personal Injury Attorney Winter Haven Explains Three Steps to Take If You’ve Been Bitten by a Dog

    Surprisingly, dog bite attacks occur quite often and can leave damaging results. The injuries can lead to severe pain and require intense medical attention, including surgery or scar removal. If you’ve been inured by a stranger’s dog, be sure to acquire that person’s contact information.

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    If you’ve been bitten by a dog, contact a personal injury attorney Winter Haven from Kaylor, Kaylor, and Leto, PA at (800) 900-7734.