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  • Medical Treatment: A Critical Component to a Successful Social Security Disability Claim

    Sometimes disability claimants make the mistake of forsaking medical care for their impairment. They might think they don’t need it or they are more likely to be approved for benefits without it, but the truth is that getting appropriate medical treatment is a vital step to proving that you are disabled and being approved for benefits. Here, a Sebring Social Security disability attorney explains the process further.

  • How to Fill Out the Initial Application

    Winter Haven Social Security disability lawyerThere are several ways for you to fill out your initial claim for Social Security disability benefits. You do not need a Winter Haven Social Security disability lawyer at this point, but it cannot hurt to have a qualified pair of eyes review your application.

    Initial claims can be completed online at You can also call the SSA toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 and make an appointment to have your application taken over the phone. Also, you can make an appointment to go to your local Social Security office and complete the application in person. If you choose to have your application taken over the phone, you will be asked some basic questions about your claim and your disability. After this, a printed form will be mailed to you for you to sign and send back. Though you can have a Winter Haven Social Security disability lawyer review this form with you, your lawyer cannot sign this form for you.

    Your initial claim will not be reviewed by the Social Security Administration. Instead, initial claims are referred to state-level agencies that contract with the SSA and usually evaluated by a medical doctor and a layman. If you are dissatisfied with the decision at the initial level or the subsequent reconsideration level, you and your Winter Haven Social Security disability lawyer can file an appeal.

    Get the help you need to file for disability from a Winter Haven Social Security disability attorney. Call the attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto at 1-800-900-7734.

  • How to Apply If Your Claim Is Denied

    Denials of Social Security disability applications are very common. If you receive such a denial, there is no reason to think that you won’t be approved if you appeal. You just need to be persistent and make sure not to miss deadlines. This video from a Winterhaven Social Security disability lawyer covers the three ways in which claimants can appeal their denials.

  • How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

    Before applying for Social Security disability benefits, you might want to first discuss your case with a Social Security disability lawyer to find out what the prospects of your case are. Once you decide to apply, you have three options to apply, depending on which you find most convenient. Watch this video to find out more.